A Seed Planted

Now What Dear Spirit?

As we plant our seeds of intention, we come face to face with our willingness to let go. We have a peak into our nature of patience. We begin to understand the cycle of things. This poem emerged for me last fall as I began my morning in silence. I’d just made a decision to take on a new project. As I gazed around on this fall blustery day, I pondered what my next step was.

A Poem: A Seed Planted by Cathy Saunders

The sky was dark. The wind howling as rain swept across the windows. The greyness beaconed my attention.

What are you trying to communicate, I asked?

Excited and fearful of the response simultaneously.

Be still my love. Be patient. You are in the right place.

Let go of needing to fill this moment with other than yourself. This is a ripe and auspicious time. A time when the ground has been tilled. Nutrients infuse its moist texture.

It’s time to choose an unfamiliar response to this planting. Bathe in this moment fully. Do not rush it’s process. Take it easy. Take a moment.

This tender seedling will soon appear. It holds a great story in it’s blossoming.

A great invitation to many in dire need of it’s tale, at this time.

It will not be rushed into emergence. There is more gestation required. It must expand and soften its shell into the new ground you’ve diligently prepared.

Do not think this is but of your creation. This is our offering, together.

Listen to the winds, they sing with joy.

Having entered this world, at the moment you touched down in tissue, you knew this.

The journey of forgetting and remembering is but a dance of planting and releasing. Fear not as you anxiously await it’s fruition.

Listen. Be still. Smile.

Don’t think yourself crazy. Think yourself quite sane.

For now, as you have invited the sacred art of listening, you may now hear beyond the grasping of the ME.

It has been a pleasure to bear witness to your gardening of emergence.

So many calls to go back to sleep. At times, you did. I knew however you would not stay under the water of illusionary promises of grandeur. We knew didn’t we that you would rise. 

So too will this great seed soon rise. Reaching for the oxygen and sunlight that reside beyond it’s skin.

Not always easy and not always fun. The space for which you’ve had a love/hate relationship with, “what is”, is a dance of struggle.


This is a time for good space.

Create good space inside. Create good space outside.

Watch, Wonder and Whisper gently. Cheer it on. Celebrate it’s coming. Delight in this moment.