Are you willing to accept the transitions in play for you in your life?

Rhythms of Acceptance

Today’s sky has many interesting vibes reflecting invitations to tune into our rhythms of relating to self; others & our sojourn of transition.

It’s Wednesday, Mercury’s day. Mercury is our practical mental process of relating. Our communication in the here & now. Mercury, our Messenger of Gods/Goddess is communicating harmoniously with our great teacher, philosopher, Jupiter. Venus, our radiant beauty, transitions from wearing the fiery, dynamic, fixed cloak of Leo into the earthy, mutable, practical suit of Virgo.

It’s a wonderful time to engage our natural rhythms of relating with acceptance. Acceptance of ourselves; others & the circumstances of our lives that shape our sojourn of transition.

This harmonious trine of communication, with the heart centred view now flowing in our natural, practical manner, offers clues of assistance for any surprises & or shifts in direction that may be illuminated. The sky also reveals a “change signature”. Our emotional nature (Moon) wearing the earthy, fixed cozy dress of Taurus stands close with the higher octave of our mind & the electrical shifting nature of Uranus.

Things may ignite in our energetic nature (expression through our feelings & emotions). We can choose to lean into our innate/inner home of harmony that comes alive when we bring an attitude of acceptance & curiosity. It feels to me that our practical, natural rhythmic pace of our intuition wants to come back into flow. Wants to be honoured; to be harvested for learning & guidance. If we take a bigger picture view, we might see a pattern; access an insight or feel more centred inside as we ride a more rhythmic way of living.

Life unfolds in cycles. There is a rhythm to our day; seasons & our life.

When we work with this natural phenomenon, we awaken our own unique rhythm of relating. Resistance is futile is not just a catchy phrase. When we resist, the wave of life can feel quite bumpy & jagged.

If you’ve been feeling “all fired up” with so much Leo energy enlivened; today marks a beginning of a general shift of energies. On Friday, our solar nature also shifts from the zodiacal sign of Leo into Virgo. This points to a turning of the wheel of time & the energetics of getting down to business gets activated. We may feel like being more strategic; practically supporting ourselves & others; focusing our attention on matters of health (body, mind & spirit) and applying discernment to our call to serve. As many of us return home from vacations & prepare for what the Fall brings, it’s helpful to remember that we can indeed ride this wave mindfully.

When we solely focus on the external circumstances of transitions, we are blind to the delicious pulse seeking to light the way on our path.

Bring awareness to your inner rhythm.

Notice what if feels like to be you, in your body, throughout the day. Offer a soft-focused attention to all of your senses. Listen to the sounds, drink in the smells, delight in the sensations on your skin and sense what the space around and within you feels like. Be gently present with each moment. Engage your natural, practical draw to activities and people.

Pay attention to when it feels like the waves are rolling or jagged inside. And then simply ask yourself,

What is most needed next?

Be open to what you’re learning & share your wisdom with others. 

And remember, as you cross the river of your transition, you do not need to travel alone!