Are you willing to experiment?

During times of transition we can often feel lost. We look for the roadmap, the plan and or the advice to guide us out of the fog. In this pursuit we awaken to somatic discovery. The map is not the territory. This phrase is a powerful invitation to re-connect with ourselves, in our energetic & biophysical, emotional bodies as we navigate life’s transitions.

This is a call to embody the way. Embodiment lives through experience. Experience requires we engage & try things out. We step into a cycle of learning that welcomes the body-mind to evaluate, validate & course correct. In essence the experimenter wisely sees we can’t truly know if what we’re planning will work until we do it.

Embrace Your Inner Scientist & Detective

Enter the power of embracing your inner scientist & detective. This requires a willingness to experiment. I’m sure you’ve heard the often quoted wisdom of Einstein who said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over expecting a different result. In the sea of options before you, experiment with just doing something different.

Today, astrologically, the Sun ( our vital egoic nature) is making a growth dance with Uranus (our innovative change agent). The Sun is in the sovereign zodiac sign of Leo; Uranus is moving through the earthy, values driven sign of Taurus.

Simply put, these energies being reflected in the sky offer us a boost to break with tradition, ignite awareness of authentic values, free ourselves from stoically self-imposed limitations and experiment! There seems to be a vibe in play inviting a change of our values system with regards to our embracing our sovereign nature.

Sovereignty beyond a political definition speaks to our ability to self govern. In so doing, we get to learn, grow & yes, change our minds.

So today’s powerful question is,

Am I willing to experiment?

Willingness is an important first choice point.