Awareness & Choice

Eyes Wide Open

Awareness is a powerful step on our journey of growth. Alone it offers understanding, expands perspective & can bring relief. Yet, if we stay here, residing solely in its light, our growth is stalled. Awareness in many ways is the pre-cursor to change. However, the departure point takes flight in our choice.

Today’s Saturday poem emerged for me as I contemplated my own dance with awareness & choice.

May it inspire you to lift & expand your gaze, wherever you’re at in your current experience of transition.

Eyes Wide Open. A poem by Cathy Saunders

You whisper to me in the dark; look here; see?

I feel the pull & tug; yet darkness remains

I settle into the hum of deep resignation

Awake in my despair

Curled in flesh

Yet you call each night; patiently awaiting the return of my sight

For now, I stay; choose here for awhile

No longer blindly traversing this dark passage-hall

Light shimmers, I blink,

Was that there? or

Was it just a glare?

Pardon me, if you catch me stare.

I feel, I look, I smell, I touch.

My faith falters not; No longer does it ride blindly in the dark

I can see; eyes wide open


What choice will be awoken?

As always, remember as much as this is your journey to travel; you do not need to travel alone!