The Power of Silence

How might you create deeper connection through silence?

Conversation + Communication involves way more than speaking + listening. More than body language, the power of silence offers an opportunity to tap into the space of being that sits below the words, facial expressions & tone.

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Giving + Receiving

Are you willing to love & honour yourself by allowing the gifts of this day to be received?
In today’s inspiring video share Deepak Chopra offers important wisdom on the flow of life. Through his teaching on the universal law of giving + receiving we’re reminded that they are but the front + back of the same proverbial hand!

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Happy Full Moon Taurus (9:34am Atlantic)

Full Moon’s symbolically illuminate clarity & fulfillment of our New Moon Beginning.

Each phase of the Moon’s cycle represents a passageway of our creative process of becoming. The zodiac sign she inhabits offers deeper clues and how she dances with other planetary archetypes shed light on our choice points of potential.

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Goddess Energy Shifts!

Today our Goddess Nature of beauty, love & relating (Venus) shifts from the deep mysterious waters of Scorpio to the fiery optimistic adventurer, Sagittarius (5:25pm, Atlantic Time). She removes the gown of inhaling & concentrating her energies and slips into a costume of exhalation & distribution of her energy. She takes what she’s learned during her deep dive in…

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