Happy Full Moon Taurus (9:34am Atlantic)

Full Moon’s symbolically illuminate clarity & fulfillment of our New Moon Beginning.

Each phase of the Moon’s cycle represents a passageway of our creative process of becoming. The zodiac sign she inhabits offers deeper clues and how she dances with other planetary archetypes shed light on our choice points of potential.

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Goddess Energy Shifts!

Today our Goddess Nature of beauty, love & relating (Venus) shifts from the deep mysterious waters of Scorpio to the fiery optimistic adventurer, Sagittarius (5:25pm, Atlantic Time). She removes the gown of inhaling & concentrating her energies and slips into a costume of exhalation & distribution of her energy. She takes what she’s learned during her deep dive in…

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Indecision Wisdom

When we come to a cross roads in our transition, we can feel stuck. An urgency brews and we seek clarity so we can move. When we move too soon, however, we can mis-step. Not necessarily “wrong” rather simply a mis-step.

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Transition Tool: Embodied Investigation

What’s seeking to come out of hiding?
As I travel my own transition I’ve become aware of the many hidden layers that are seeking to come into the light. The ever present bluejays residing in my back yard have been quite persistent. They’re a beautiful bird that symbolizes many things that feel relevant for this time.

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Transitions: Invitations of Initiation

Today’s post offers a perspective of transitions, one that presents transitions as an invitation of initiation. During transitions we each come face to face with a choice point of letting go. Of releasing our “grip” on what was. This can be prompted by external conditions and yet the real work of responding occurs more deeply inside.

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