Awakening Body Awareness: Information, Knowledge and Choice

Transition Tool: Body Awareness

An offering to consider,

What knowledge is fueling your choices?

As we each begin to wake up more within the field of our lives as holistic beings, we start to feel things we’d long thought we’d moved on from. Awareness grows.

We begin to pay attention to the mind-body system with greater curiosity and discernment.

The question becomes:

What information & knowledge forms the foundation for our discernment?

In today’s post I wanted to share a few sources of information that have influenced my approach & practice.

My invitation is to follow your curiosity. Explore. Follow what resonates.

Learning new information helps us to expand our thinking about what is possible.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work focuses on supporting people to liberate beyond the habits and conditioning of the body. He supports people to learn new information and then apply cutting edge science to their approach to healing and transformation.

Here is a recent article A powerful three part series which offers a Quantum Perspective for creating a new personal reality.

To learn more about what his work is about check out his website here.

This is a 15-minute exert from a new series on re-wiring our brains. Offering a pathway beyond pure awareness to one where we engage the possibility of recreating our experience, directly.

Mindfulness: Tara Brach

I am very fond of Tara Brach’s work in the world of Mindfulness. The following is a two part series on Awakening Body Awareness. They are worthwhile viewing if you’re new to a mindfulness approach.

Biology of Belief: Dr. Bruce Lipton

Here is another perspective on the mind-body from Dr. Bruce Lipton, Author of The Biology of Belief; Spontaneous Evolution & The Honeymoon Effect.

Dr. Lipton’s books are an amazing source of information to support your re-think on who and what we are. This short 10 minute talk is a compilation of many of his powerful discoveries that underscore the frequency power of our bodies & minds.

Your body is a community of cells.

If your new to the information offered in The Biology of Belief, here is a longer documentary from 2005 which is offers a fuller picture of Dr. Lipton’s work.

Finally, I invite you to share her,

What are you learning about the value of body awareness & choice?