Fear & Transitions

A natural response to change is resistance. We may tell ourselves that we love change, and indeed the actual change may be exciting, fresh and promising. However, it’s a normal response as we transverse the path of transition to come face to face with the universal experience of fear.

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Goddess Energy Shifts!

Today our Goddess Nature of beauty, love & relating (Venus) shifts from the deep mysterious waters of Scorpio to the fiery optimistic adventurer, Sagittarius (5:25pm, Atlantic Time). She removes the gown of inhaling & concentrating her energies and slips into a costume of exhalation & distribution of her energy. She takes what she’s learned during her deep dive in…

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Transition Tool: Embodied Investigation

What’s seeking to come out of hiding?
As I travel my own transition I’ve become aware of the many hidden layers that are seeking to come into the light. The ever present bluejays residing in my back yard have been quite persistent. They’re a beautiful bird that symbolizes many things that feel relevant for this time.

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The Diplomatic Warrior

An invitation for greater self-advocacy & diplomatic skills in our artful warrior-ship of service. The following is an “opinion post” and a “call to action” in response to a shift in the skies. Today Mars, the fiery planet of war; our symbolic guide of action and our karmic mission energies moves into the relating, collaborative Zodiac sign of Libra….

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Navigating a Relationship Transition?

Are you currently navigating a relationship transition?
Yes, then please read on. Join me in reflecting on the waves that could be enlivened in the sea of navigating relationship transitions.
No, still please read on. Why? because if you’re in a transition and not living in a cave, then there could be a shift in play that seeks your attention this…

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