When We Gather

There is a great African Proverb that speaks to the speed at which we can travel alone & yet the distance is much farther when we travel together. Community is an essential component of any successful transition. Community for me is formed when ever two or more gather.

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In the Dark, Our Light is Ever Present

There are moments as we journey through transitions that can feel lonely, dark & heavy. We are innately whole. Yes, at times our experiences come through with contrasting qualities. And, it’s helpful to remember that as one shade appears, the other is equally present.

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Forgiveness Born

Transitions call up our history. Stories of wins & stories of losses. Moments of being hurt & having hurt. Healing is a potential of transitions. Healing calls for courage, compassion & forgiveness. For/with ourselves & others. Choice is an amazing super power we have. One that isn’t static, rather dynamic and ever evolving as we do. With each pass…

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Rising Together

Poetry supports me to flow with thoughts not yet fully formed & not completely understood. Like the waves rolling in and out of the shore, the words string together as my own inner flow is honoured.
Here is a poem I wrote about a call to rise together.

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A Seed Planted

As we plan our seed of intention, we come face to face with our willingness to let go. We have a peak into our nature of patience. We begin to understand the cycle of things. This poem emerged for me last fall as I began my morning in silence. I’d just made a decision to take on a new…

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Writing, journaling & really any form of self expression is a supportive activity to engage when we’re trying to create clarity & understanding. During times of transition, these activities are deeply supportive. A small gift of kindness for yourself. Creating space & time to flow with your thoughts can often reveal the tenderness and shadows seeking to be illuminated….

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