Transitions: Invitations of Initiation

Today’s post offers a perspective of transitions, one that presents transitions as an invitation of initiation. During transitions we each come face to face with a choice point of letting go. Of releasing our “grip” on what was. This can be prompted by external conditions and yet the real work of responding occurs more deeply inside.

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Navigating a Relationship Transition?

Are you currently navigating a relationship transition?
Yes, then please read on. Join me in reflecting on the waves that could be enlivened in the sea of navigating relationship transitions.
No, still please read on. Why? because if you’re in a transition and not living in a cave, then there could be a shift in play that seeks your attention this…

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What beliefs do you CHOOSE to ENDORSE?

Beliefs can form a sticky, unnoticable film on the glasses of our perceptions. When I consider today’s powerful question, I am reminded of the age old question regarding the chicken & the egg. What comes first, the belief or the choice? Or maybe the belief is merely cloaked in the presence of unconscious choice?

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The Mandala of Body Awareness: Surprises, Excitement, Innovate & Stimulate

It’s been awhile since I have been inspired to write. I’ve been focused on my business and transitioning towards reactivating my nursing license. Many sensations have been awakened in my body. Today I honour the call to put pen to paper (keystrokes to screen) and share some emerging thoughts and an approach I’ve been experimenting with.
Specifically, how to…

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