Dancing with the Overwhelming Paradox of These Times

I like I imagine many of us are gobsmacked by the current global spread of COVID-19, the precarious economy and the stunning STOP of business as usual.

Today, in the midst of the real concerns of health and physical security, a common thread permeates the collective, loss. Loss of how things have been, loss of how things might have been…

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Fear & Transitions

A natural response to change is resistance. We may tell ourselves that we love change, and indeed the actual change may be exciting, fresh and promising. However, it’s a normal response as we transverse the path of transition to come face to face with the universal experience of fear.

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Good Bye 2019, Hello 2020!

It’s that time of year again, where one ends (as per a particular calendar), and another begins.
If you’re one to pause & reflect, the following are five series of questions to spark your process of contemplation.

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Transitions: Invitations of Initiation

Today’s post offers a perspective of transitions, one that presents transitions as an invitation of initiation. During transitions we each come face to face with a choice point of letting go. Of releasing our “grip” on what was. This can be prompted by external conditions and yet the real work of responding occurs more deeply inside.

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