Contrast. The Great Catalyst

Have you ever wondered…If all is one, what is the purpose of contrast? Why do we have experiences ripe with diversity? What value does the “opposite/opposition” offer?

When I catch myself lost in this wandering & wondering about contrast, I think of starting a fire. The match strikes, the rocks rub together. The friction create sparks and the wood is off and running. Friction is the stuff of creation. Elementally, Fire seeks Air to bloom. And, too much air and the fire can become extreme.

In astrology when planets are in opposition, integration is called for; the appearance of other, if fully taken in to ourselves creates clarity and in essence we’re invited to look for what many call the “third way”.

Oppositions foster awareness; they are designed to bring something to our attention through the medium of relationship.

Sue Tompkins. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope

Like the magic of mixing two colours together, like blue & yellow, to create a brand new colour, green, without opposites, without contrast, life could be quite boring!

In the domain of relating with others (which is a key place to explore with oppositions from an astrological vantage point), oppositions (planets 180degrees apart) like squares (90 degrees apart), offer clues to our greatest growth opportunities.

At best the opposition can provide the means by which we can gain an awareness and appreciation not only of the paradoxes within ourselves but of the paradoxes that are present throughout all life.

Sue Tompkins. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope

As challenging as the “friction” of contrast can feel, it is an essential vibe of creation.

Beauty lives in diversity. Contrast ignites and sparks something new.

This short poem came to me one day as I gazed out the window, drinking in nature’s beauty when everything inside of me felt as it’s opposite.

A Poem: Contrast. The Great Catalyst by Cathy Saunders

Woe is me as I stand in the grit of the now

Looking out at the beauty

Your opposite entices me

Stirs my desire for other than that which pulsates inside & reflects

See yea not that I may forget the delight of choice

Her wings of offering another vantage point

Your presence stirs movement

My thoughts race

My heart beats

From the balcony I see your intelligence

I welcome your great invitation

I bow to your impermanent and wavering nature

May your presence be fully here now

As I smile knowing your departure awaits

Open arms, heart and mind as your twin enters in

Full of breath & wonder I welcome your gift.