In our relations with one another, what I like to think of as our ME & WE dance, there is a beautiful rhythm of polarities. Try as we might to develop consistency and have our relationships model some fairy tale or prescription, inherently they can’t be replicated or controlled. Each person that comes together with another writes a ME & WE melody and rhythm. Some days it feels like a hamster wheel, some days like a Rhumba and others like a Tennessee Williams Waltz.

A couple of years ago I began a piece of work with a dear friend and colleague that set out to invite a new conversation of relating. The movement is called Re-Imagining ME & WE. To learn more check out our Facebook Page.

Suffice to say it has been & continues to be an evolving and enriching experience for us and all who’ve been called to step into the Re-Imagining Process!

This is one of a few poems I’ve written that came to me early on in this co-creation.

A Poem: Dances by Cathy Saunders

Push & Pull

Give & Receive

Deny & Offer

Yell & Whisper

Aches & Joys

Depths & Shallows

Look left, Look right

Right here, now

Some other time

Fly & crawl

Run & Walk

Breathe & Brace

Cry & Smile

Ohhh how I spin with the ebb & flow

How I grasp & seek to let go

Be still I hear

Be bold, I smile

Keep swimming, float for awhile

Speak both

Head & Heart unite

This time, tonight