Faith and Layers

Transitions call up our relationship to faith.

Faith in ourselves; faith in others; faith in the process of changing and growing and faith in something of a greater intelligence at work in our lives. When we feel lost; ripe with self-doubt and even despair we descend to a layer where great stillness and quietude lives. A simplicity emerges.

Wherever you are in your current transition, contemplate its layers & open to what’s emerging for you with faith.

Faith & Layers. A poem by Cathy Saunders

Your red shines bright 
Yet beneath
Pink, white & blue merge

The sound of the Forrest rests and murmurs
Each voice layers down the line of trees & rivers

Time will tell they say
But what watch guides the check point

Life curls her wings
Wide, deep, clear and foggy

Times of hope; times of fear
All whisper some layer of good cheer

So if what shines in front of your eyes activates despair 

Breathe deep and open to the hue , note and plan that is budding the air.