Faith and Layers

Transitions call up our relationship to faith.

Faith in ourselves; faith in others; faith in the process of changing and growing and faith in something of a greater intelligence at work in our lives. When we feel lost; ripe with self-doubt and even despair we descend to a layer where great stillness and quietude lives. A simplicity emerges.

Wherever you are in your current transition, contemplate its layers & open to what’s emerging for you with faith.

Faith & Layers. A poem by Cathy Saunders

Your red shines bright,
Yet beneath
Pink, white & blue merge.

The sound of the forrest rests and murmurs
Each voice layers down the line of trees & rivers.

Time will tell they say
But what watch guides the check point?

Life curls her wings
Wide, deep, clear and foggy.

Times of hope; times of fear
All whisper some layer of good cheer.

So what if what shines in front of your eyes activates despair? 

Breathe deeply, open and give good witness to the hue, texture, sound & map that’s bubbling up for air.