Fear & Transitions

A natural response to change is resistance. We may tell ourselves that we love change, and indeed the actual change may be exciting, fresh and promising. However, it’s a normal response as we transverse the path of transition to come face to face with the universal experience of fear.

Fear can be viewed from many different vantage points. The nervous system has an intelligent and helpful response to the fear experience. A part of our brain gets lit up that activates a cascade of bio-emotional physiological functions that prime our body-minds to respond for our survival.

The research is quite clear on the prolonged effect however of living in this survival state, in that, it’s not good for our wellbeing, relationships, decision making and or contribution.

And yet, fear seems to have permeated many collectives as the “new normal”, versus being the habituated intelligent response to a crisis. Living from, in and with crisis has become the water that many of us are living (aka the water we’re swimming in).

From a spiritual perspective, various teachings are available from the East and even the meta-physical communities that position the call to love as being the one true path of liberation. In many ways my life philosophy concurs. And, as a western trained health professional, I also am acutely aware of the bio-mental-emotional + physiological lived experience of fear on many of us day to day, let alone during times of transition.

To engage a conscious path of transitions, I believe requires a conscious and informed conversation about fear. It’s place, its wisdom and a willingness to meet it with an open heart.

As we do, as I was fortunate enough to do today, a space gets revealed that offers a deeper choice point of transition. One that invites each of us to consider how fear may have become such a new normal, that we’ve lost our capacity to call it by name.

Welcoming fear with love, maybe the energetic marriage that can best help us authentically travel whatever transition we’re facing. 

As the astro-sky reveals, we’re all traveling through a potent dance of water and earth. A pull to dream, re-imagine, re-think and reflect on what we’re bringing down to earth, in the here and now.

These elemental cues of water + earth may illuminate different flavors of fear; one a call of fear that heralds hurts of past conditioning to another that whispers the dread and doubt of an unknown future. We may feel the pull inwards and down, while being lured by the mystical hymns of other realms. It is indeed a time of transition. One that as real as it may feel in our own lives, whether work, family, financial, health or even at the level of identity, also paints a dynamic canvas of something quite expansive and structured that seeks our evolutionary intent.

My hope today is that if you’re aware of fear alive in your own journey of transition, that you give yourself the gift of space and time to consider how you might bring love to meet it.

Next Steps?

A first step could be to write down, journal without editing all of the fears that are alive inside of you. Actually, writing them down on paper can really feel freeing. 

Second, consider having a conversation with a trusted friend, or traveler about what is bubbling up to the surface for you, right now, in the earthly experience of your transition.

Third, contemplate what dreams are awakening for you; reflect on dreams once held that may need to be gently tucked in and kissed goodnight.

Fourth, give yourself the gift of listening to a recent talk given by Tara Brach on this very subject called: 

Facing Fear; Awakening Your Fearless Heart

And finally,

Remember you do not need to travel alone.