Forgiveness Born

Transitions call up our history. Stories of wins & stories of losses. Moments of being hurt & having hurt. Healing is a potential of transitions.

Healing calls for courage, compassion & forgiveness – with ourselves & others.

Choice is an amazing super power that awaits us when we feel powerless. It offers a basic thread of wisdom, with each presenting moment we can begin again.

We can choose to choose in the now. This one radical act opens up our heart. The opportunity to embody our wild, delicious & imperfect nature lives here.

The following is a poem that emerged for me awhile back called forgiveness born.

A Poem: Forgiveness Born by Cathy Saunders

Today I release the ties that bind. The chains melt, the bars dissolve. I choose to free myself as both prisoner and captor of my heart and mind. 

May this moment be the time of forgiveness born. May I rise above the ashes. Smell the fresh blue air. May my blocks and barriers be healed.

Extend your mercy to all who be. So that they too know what it is to be free.

May the stars’ twinkle in my eyes.

May love flow through my words.

May this ever-present miracle come into this world.

May I be a beacon of solace and peace.

May I honour my purpose in the ebb and flow.

As I Choose AND

Willingly pursue my practice of letting go. 

May the tears runnith into the river of life. May the flushing they bring make eyes anew. So, that I see clearly, walk with courage and serve with love.

Hear me dear One of this prayer of mine. I am willing to have my forgiveness be born.

I cut the cords of days gone by. I release the whispers raping my mind. 

I tend to my heart and welcome my soul to be the art of my true goal.

May wonder flow in all of my choices.

May I hear, trust and follow your guidance. 

I lay down my weapons. I am done with fighting. I am done with wishing and dreaming and crying.

I am done holding so tight that my candle no longer burns bright. I see and own the pain I have caused. This too has been my cross for so long.

I am deeply sorry for my judgemental ways. I am tired and bruised yet feel at peace, while the winds blow against my tear stained face.

I humbly lay here alone, but not really. Your light fills the room. You beacon me to rise. I am here dear One, none but the wise. 

For the wise may fall and at times lose faith, they cannot deny your powerful grace. 

Please hear my prayer. May this moment, this One true dear, may forgiveness be born, right now, right here.