Goddess Energy Shifts!

Today our Goddess Nature of beauty, love & relating (Venus) shifts from the deep mysterious waters of Scorpio to the fiery optimistic adventurer, Sagittarius (5:25pm, Atlantic Time).

She removes the gown of inhaling & concentrating her energies and slips into a costume of exhalation & distribution of her energy. She takes what she’s learned during her deep dive in Scorpio and regals in her external expression of this wisdom.

Skillfully adapting the wisdom she’s gleamed; un-skillfully possibly scattered & ungrounded in her application.

Practically, our heart vibe shifts. It may take a day or so to align with this movement.

Our mental nature remains in the deep waters of Scorpio, moving backwards in the sky as our heart nature begins to leap with joy in connection.

Water & Fire

Be gentle with yourself as the two energies of thinking and heart co-exist. Thinking & communication in fixed water moving backwards and going in, concentrating, consolidating, and reviewing (Mercury retrograde in Scorpio) and our heart matters of relating now moving outwards, in mutable fire, animating our enthusiasm, freedom-loving nature to possibly scatter (Venus in Sagittarius).


The earthy realm isn’t missing a beat either. Our emotional nature, Queen of the Hearth (Moon) shines through the earthy sign of Capricorn, merging with the moon’s nodal point of release (south node).

Is it time to let go of past hurts & make peace with sad memories?

Topics of relating for this new phase of energies of our Goddess nature may feel like unique waves rolling through our experience. One breath to the next, changing and seeking to reveal patterns that may require deeper investigation, release and creative expression.

Suffice to say, we may feel a bit all over the place dear Goddess, not to worry. You know how to ride the waves.

In fact, Venus in Sagittarius would love nothing more than to grab a surf board and crest the big wave of potential that’s seeking to come alive.

As your inner waves crest, welcome them.

Resistance will only invite them to grow, and with this new element of fire on the scene, possibly boil over.

May this beautiful quote serve as a helpful reminder.

Enjoy the waves and the learning that comes!