Good Bye 2019, Hello 2020!

It’s that time of year again, where one ends (as per a particular calendar), and another begins.

What’s powerful about this year is that a decade is ending. We’re crossing the threshold into another chapter. One that is filled for many of us with uncertainty and many layers of transitions.

Whatever transitions you’re currently traveling, the context & climate of our times is beaconing each of us to pause and contemplate deeper questions this holiday season.

It feels as though to consider our own endings + beginnings separate from the whole of what is happening in our communities, countries and the world will fall short of our authentic power, potential and purpose that seeks our full attention. 

If you’re one to pause & reflect, the following are five series of questions to spark your process of contemplation.

  • What theme would best describe this past decade for you? What wisdom are you leaving this space/time with?
  • How have you surprised yourself? What five things do you now most admire + appreciate about yourself?
  • As you pause and reflect on what this past year has been for you, what message(s) does it underscore for 2020?
  • How have you pruned your mind, heart, and yes physical space? Are you open + available for what this next chapter may bring?
  • What story is your heart committed to writing? How will this serve the whole? 

My hope & wish for us all is that we embrace this time of transition with wonder, kindness and a quality of clarity that is rooted in values of cooperation and creativity.

May the blessings that surround you light the very next step on your path.