Group Mentorship Program

A mentorship experience, in community.

Thriving Transition Tribe™

Community is an essential ingredient for thriving during a transition.

Many of us are adept at going it alone.

Three words come to mind: suffering, solo & silence.

These are inherent in a survival of the fittest paradigm of living and leading that is not sustainable. In particular for women, we not only desire meaningful connection and authentic support, WE NEED IT!

The environment you’re in greatly influences your ability to thrive.

Often when we’re crossing the vast rivers of change, we have a desire to pull in and withdraw. This is natural and yes at times needed. Equally true is I’ve learned that when we’re ready to re-emerge, it’s crucial to consciously choose who I’m surrounding myself with.

Enter: Your Thriving Transitions Tribe!

This group coaching program is designed for women who’re ready to engage a conscious community of companions.

To form a tribe that isn’t about competition, comparison or compartmentalization; rather a tribe of perfectly imperfect women, traveling a transition, committed to moving beyond the three “SSS of survival” to the enlivened company of committed travellers choosing to thrive in their transitions.

Unique journey being shared = Magic

For each of us, the details and context of our transition will be unique, and, we know that there is much to learn and share that will not only help our personal & professional journey, but also others. This is a magical paradox of the Thriving Transition Tribe!

When we gather as the Thriving transition Tribe we activate multiple layers of healing and growth that alone takes much more time, cultivates habitual suffering and well, just isn’t as much fun!

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

Helen Keller

Power of Eight

Each Thriving Transition Tribe will be held in groups of eight. Why eight? Well there is magic and wisdom here which you’ll learn and experience.

Why form new tribes?

Often those with whom we’ve been traveling with in life don’t understand what we’re engaged in. In many ways they are standing in different places. Not good, bad, right or wrong, just different.

Choosing to cultivate tribes that offer deep support during transitions can be one of the most challenging choice points for us as women. Lots of historical reasons, and, for us to gain traction to empower an actualized new beginning, we’re wise to engage something different.

Who we spend time with matters. Who we choose to engage our vulnerabilities, dreams, reflections matter as well!

This quote offers a great invitation,

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Jim Rohn

My Invitation

Sign up for this new offering of Choice Point Living.

Once we have a group of eight, we’ll form and begin.

Consider inviting someone in your life, who is ready to form a new tribe of support in their transition.

The details we’ll co-create. Yes, a start point of this coaching program is connecting with one another to craft our vision and conscious community structures.

Who shows up, is met with love, guidance and challenge. The threads will form our path of beginning together in learning.

Geography need not be a barrier.

We’ll work with technology to gather, connect and cultivate our community. Aside from our negotiation of time zones, wherever you are on the Globe is perfect!

Your Coach, Mentor & Fellow Traveller- Cathy Saunders, Founder

As a fellow companion committed to consciously thriving in transition, I am deeply committed to supporting communities that enable inspiration, nurture and invoke our individual and collective holistic rhythmic natures (mind-body-heart-spirit) to align with our choices in life.

Contact me to explore if this is a good fit for you!