Happy Full Moon Taurus (9:34am Atlantic)

What does a Full Moon represent?

Full Moon’s symbolically illuminate clarity & fulfillment of our New Moon Beginning.

Each phase of the Moon’s cycle represents a passageway of our creative process of becoming. The zodiac sign she inhabits offers deeper clues and how she dances with other planetary archetypes shed light on our choice points of potential. 

What about this Full Moon?

There is much we can say & the zodiac sign of Taurus prefers a simpler song. In honour of this I want to share three thoughts alive for me this morning through an offering of three questions:

  • What roots of self-authority have been up for review and now seek to be released?
  • What choice points exist, here at this time, for the cultivation of unshakable self-trust?
  • Is it time to reconcile what once was so to fully inhabit the now?

Interested in November’s Moon Calendar? Here is a helpful online resource.

Here is a reference sheet with a few key words for each phase.

May the light of this full Moon nourish your current passageway of alchemy.