Happy Mercury Retrograde!

And, Happy Halloween

Mercury turns retrograde today (27 degrees Scorpio). Our inner actor of thinking, communicating and perception begins to travels backwards in the sky until Nov 20th.

Often associated with the trickster archetype, Mercury retrograde comes with messages that many of us don’t on the surface appreciate. He shape shifts our experiences with technology and can sparkle mis-communiques. At his heart however I feel he offers us some much need time to pause. Offering each of us, in particular where he is traveling in the domain of our lives (e.g. our natal astrology house) for greater self care. Care of our mind, an invitation to explore our thoughts and slow down in our mind-body connections of both being & doing.

Beyond the symbology of Mercury’s governance of technology & communication, his movement backwards (Mercury Retrograde) can be a powerful time for turning inward.

For slowing down and being still. We’ve lost the capacity and even the awareness of the inherent value of reflection and quiet contemplation in the whiz of our modern life. We don’t have to look farther than the state of our minds, the epidemic of stress, over-drive of thinking and yes, our communication with ourselves and each other (all Mercurial domains). In addition, this particular Mercury retrograde is donning the cloak of the deep, watery, emotional and intuitive realm of our nature, Scorpio.  Evoking a deeper call inside. 

Consider how you might fully embrace slowing down, to connect deeply with yourself.

This is a beautiful time to begin or re-ignite a daily meditation practice. To weave time in each day to reflect, journal and to lovingly meet your mind and heart, together.

A few inquiries to entertain over the coming weeks could be:

  • What am I learning?
  • Where am I heading?
  • What transformation is seeking to flow in my life at this time?
  • How might I empower my intuition more fully?

And remember, if you’re traveling a transition, you do not need to travel alone!