How else might you cultivate peace?

In our drive to survive, peace becomes for many of us about organizing our environment in ways that feel peaceful.

We dream of having things organized, our to-do lists empty and some time to just relax.

This can be an endless and ultimately an unfulfilling pursuit. At best we do indeed have clean, organized and structured to-do lists.

The question becomes, how are we feeling inside?

I can relate. Yes, there is great satisfaction when I look out and see a peaceful environment. And, I have found myself wondering often, why don’t I feel peaceful? or notice the fleeting nature of the moment. I’ve recently pulled apart the notion of satisfaction and peace.

This has inspired a re-think. A reconsideration of, what is the peace I am in pursuit of?

And today’s powerful question,

How else might I cultivate peace?

I am coming to discover it is indeed an inside out job. A practice of agency. One that comes back again and again in the still point of a moment.

Consider today’s question at various points throughout the day. Invite your wisdom to guide your very next step.

Outer peace without inner peace is precarious at best, deadening at worst.

Choice Point Living