How might self-appreciation be a valuable practice for you?

We each share core common needs. We want to be seen, heard, appreciated, valued and to belong. There is a lot of science available to us today that points to the power of emotional states and our well-being. Our level of resiliency and our capacity to be creative and dynamic in our lives.

Gratitude practices are powerful. Today with our powerful question I want to draw our energy & attention towards a similar frequency called appreciation. An equally generative force.

Astrologically the skies reflect a transition that occurred last eves. Our Venus nature moved into the regal, dynamic energies of Leo. This is a powerful time to engage with the energies of appreciation and in particular, self appreciation. Leo has a deep desire to creatively express and be appreciated by others.

Today consider this powerful question,

How might self-appreciation be a valuable practice for me?

In addition to pondering this inquiry, test drive a few experiments.

  • Create a list of twelve things you MOST appreciate about who you are today. More if you’d like:)
  • Then, bring your attention to the centre of your chest. Focus on your heart. Breath in & out deeply from this centre. Image the breath coming in and out as an infinity loop.
  • Finally, as you continue to breath in and out from your heart, read your list out loud. If possible, in the presence of another.

As you engage with others, be a force of appreciation. See the one(s) in front of you with a deep appreciation for who they are, right here, right now.

Notice what happens.