Humble Hearts Unite

It’s easy in our pursuit of excellence to imprison our hearts. Much energy is alive today to push us to get it right. Whatever that means?

The following poem emerged for me as I contemplated the integrative point of balance of light/dark; form/formless; details/big picture; movement/stillness. I wondered what it’s quality of being calls for?

There’s this elegant space that invites it all to be in play. Inside of us we can liberate the ping pong dance of excellence, perfection, status and defeat.

When we come to own there is no right time, no right way, we open up to a humble home. Then we can unite and who knows what we’ll co-create?

Early tomorrow morning our archetypal nature of power, action, desires; our capacity to initiate, to battle, to pioneer (Mars) moves into the zodiac sign of practical, detailed oriented & at times, perfectionistic Virgo.

It feels like this transition invites choice points to infuse & direct our power with discernment & humility. As much as this force is one of a solo-directed journey, it’s impact is best shared in healing through our choice to co-create with other(s).

The following poem emerged for me as I wallowed in my own solo choice point. It’s historical perceived wins & losses. May it offer some solace, may it ignite a new choice point to emerge.

Humble Hearts Unite. A poem by: Cathy Saunders

Slip not back into a song of defeat

Sit, close your eyes and feel into your feet

This moment is for you

It’s not been done to you or by you

Open up to its vast, symbolic and loving hue

Travel not any longer on this vast road alone

Many are here with you, some tired to the bone

Release the striving, the vying and trying

Embrace this moment of your one truest best

If all time is now, wow, wonder it’s magic

Truly there is no other stronger fabric

That encodes the web of this one of many lives

Lets stop, give thanks and yell, YES!

Humble hearts unite

The me and we path is best.