In the Dark, Our Light is Ever Present

There are moments as we journey through transitions that can feel lonely, dark & heavy. We are innately whole. Yes, at times our experiences come through with contrasting qualities. And, it’s helpful to remember that as one shade appears, the other is equally present.

This poem emerged for me at a time when I was remembering this. Seeking guidance, hungry for direction, deep in the river, the Gap of transitions. My prayer, my presence was to listen. To write and stay open. The following poem is one of the fruits of that experience.

A Poem: In the Dark, Our Light is Ever Present by Cathy Saunders

I hear you
I feel you

Whispers , Shouts

The veil burns

Your invitation frightens me
What would you have me do?


Let go


Tarry no longer through the muck and mire

I am ready
I am willing

The cool, clear rush of your wisdom splashes my skin

The cool, thick mud nourishing my soul

You inspire & uplift in your heat Father Sun
You sparkle & reflect in your coolness Mother Moon

Move beyond the time of whispers

The delicate trance has broken open

I am here
I am listening