Indecision Wisdom

When we come to a cross roads in our transition, we can feel stuck. An urgency brews and we seek clarity of movement.

When we move too soon, however, we can mis-step. Not necessarily “wrong” rather simply a mis-step.

Patience is a valuable sword during times of transition.

It helps cut through the fog of fear that emerges in our indecision. Patience teaches us about timing. To embrace that “timing is a thing” and that maybe, just maybe, there is more at play, then, we could possibly know.

For those of us with a strong intellect, this can be challenging.

Today’s poem emerged for me during a time when I felt the pull to respond and yet had no clue what the outcome would be. A time when responding felt like it was required; yet I was unclear of what my authentic response actually was. In many ways this moment taught me that it was less about indecision and more about the journey of learning to trust myself.

May it offer some solace if you, in this moment are called to move with no clear so what or maybe you’re in the state of bridging left AND right. You feel the pull to be decisive and yet feel indecisive.

Indecision Wisdom. A Poem by Cathy Saunders.

In my hand sits the light

Shine forth I must

yet which path shall I travel

Left, right, forward, back

My energy sits deep

Unwilling to move

I try to push forward and feel the current draw me back

The light remains lit

And so

I choose to sit

I wonder what wisdom resides here for my body to stop in it’s resist

Breathe slowly I say, sit quietly, don’t dismay

Soon, soon, the impulse will arise

Fear not if you first don’t arrive

It is a way, just not designed for you to stay

We’ll travel far

in time

Sit now, rest here, Soon, soon

We’ll see the star.