May The Winds

Change sparks ~ Transitions flow.

Change feels like a spark. A door opens, a door shuts. Transitions flow. They blow in, roll in and guide us along a journey. They’re dynamic, even in the still points.

This poem is a prayer for the winds to come. It was on the heels of maybe a little too much “news”; over consumption of energies. My heart was open and it flowed through my finger tips.

A Poem: May The Winds by Cathy Saunders

May the winds of change ignite a flow of our hearts

Clean our minds of separation

Awaken our souls to show up

May the winds of the past touch our tissue, and

Digest to the dance of the inner alchemy of becoming

May the winds stir our dormant beauty

Inspire it to flow without abandon

May the winds find shelter in the harbour of our bodies

May we not withdraw from the touch of whispers of delight

May they mature our views and ignite our idealism

May the winds no longer be trapped in illusionary boxes and labels of despair

May they lift our wings of love to fly into our conversations, our service, our life

May they shepherd the way beyond our minds

Lift our spirits

Attract our tribe

Light our passions

May the winds visit us today, in our willingness to grow and nourish this precious moment.