Nobility Rising

Much is to be celebrated and championed during this time of great change. Yes, there are endings in our personal and social systems of life. And, there is equally much rising, being liberated and co-creating new pathways.

Nature, our greatest teacher of many things: laws, cycles, diversity and life, shines each day in her glorious way. We’ve much to learn from her with the matter of timing & being in harmony with our experience of living.

As we continue to face what’s in front of us with clear eyes & an open heart, my wish is we attend to nurturing the nobility seeking to emerge.

Recently, I heard a quote that stays with me now, I apologize I don’t have noted who it’s from.

Nothing is as strong as true gentleness & nothing is as gentle as true strength.

Tomorrow eves. our winged messenger of the Gods/Goddess (Mercury) slips directly into our regal , dynamic nature (Leo).

This poem emerged for me as I contemplate this transition in the context of all that is unfolding.

May it warm your heart & spirit as your nobility rises!

Nobility Rising. A poem by: Cathy Saunders

Beyond your name, your title, your wares

Lives a deep whisper inviting your spirit to care

Stop chasing the dream that is not your own

It’s time to come to the one true home

The space of compassion, love & great wisdom

It need not be hard in it’s challenging call

Rather a humble, fearless stand seeks to liberate the stall

The empty pursuit of me, myself & I

No longer gives shape to what’s now drawing nigh

Take heart, be bold, chest open and unfold

Welcome your strength and gentleness to fly

Your bud of delight is now ready to rise!