I have always struggled (lol) with the phrase & invitation to let go. Even though I know and ascribe to an understanding that in order for something new to come forth, I must let go of that which is taking up residency in my mind, heart and spirit.

I am well aware that so much of what I viewed as real and true has come under review for the past decade, really. I know. Geesh.

In this journey I have and continue to have many opportunities to face that which I cleverly have a grip on.

Today’s Saturday poem is a nod. A moment of appreciation for my journey thus far. Whimsy & wonder is enlivening for me as I continue to be willing to release even in the moments of the rough edges that catch me hanging on to that which no longer serves me.

A tender moment of writing that I hope serves in some small way if you too are gripping tight.

Release. A poem by Cathy Saunders

Ouch, what tension lives here?

The vibration pulls in with ever clenching favour of what one was;

Fear grips my heart. I can’t breathe. When will this end?

I can’t continue. Truly, I scream uncle.

How long shall I be here?

Oh there it is. That thread that holds me still. Hush. Sit.

Ahhh, settle.

Rest. Yes, be still. Empty.

My pitcher floweth over.

Whisper, whisper.

Smell the fragrances, allow the tears, sense the space, feel the touch of this moment.

Gently, yes gently release.

Notice the fullness that arrives.

You here, so wonderfully raw and still. Never alone and no where to go;

No time better than now to see your great will.

Yup, here another comes another wave.

Settle. Rest some more;

Look at the field of water that flows.

You my dear graceful presence need not fear;

So much truly resides here.

Release, touch down, roll around.

Ah yes. And smile. Can you feel it?

The lightness here now, wishing. Sure, wallow while you sit.

Settle, rest and release here awhile more.

Your light is never gone.