The Magic of Meaningful Conversations

Our planetary archetype of communication is currently cozied up with our goddess of beauty, love and relating.

This connection above has inspired the following reflections.

The magic & miraculous space of meaningful conversations.

In particular, during times of transition.

For the past few years I’ve been in a deeply meaningful collaboration focused on: Re-Imagining ME & WE. This has been and continues to be a profound experience of both re-imagining and experiencing a re-imagined ME & WE.

The consistency of deep meaningful conversations has created a magical and miraculous space for healing & growth.

As I reflect on this example in my own life & work, I am aware of the importance for cultivating a sacred space for engaging conversations during time of transitions. Even though our endings, spaces between and new beginnings are unique, choosing to travel together has invoked something greater than each and both of us.

Let me attempt to describe in words what attributes feel to be alive in this meaningful conversation experience.

Qualities that are present:

Compassion, Curiosity, Creativity, Challenge & Courage

I call these the “5 C’s” of spices for a thriving space of transitions!

Qualities that are absent:

Hidden Agendas, Un-Inspired Goals, Competition, Collusion and Caution.

Using qualities (versus outcomes) to describe an experience of relating helps to identify the space that lives in a conversation.


When we consider the qualities of any experience, it can also be helpful to reflect on the elementals: Air, Fire, Water & Earth.

In Ayurveda, there is a fifth element. It’s space.

Space governs important input & output. Space creates a container.Not the kind with solid edges, rather think of a force field of spirit.

Space sets, shapes and connects with the field; the field for potential to come alive.


Yes, it can feel magical.

What is magic?

Well, like with all things we can find many definitions.

For me a few phrases resonate:

feeling of enchantment

  • The act of co-creating with both the seen, unseen, known & unknown.
  • A calling forth of the majesty of our spirit to join a moment of exchange.

How do you define magic?

What is miraculous?

I like to think about the miraculous as the spark of divinity reflected.

As the above quote suggests, the world is filled with the magical essence, just waiting for us to sense & engage it. Our lives however are often designed to keep us traveling at a pace where we can’t possibly attune to it.

Why spend time contemplating the space of your conversations?

Enter transitions.

Transitions affect space: inside & out.

We may feel constricted as endings unfold; as we travel the gap (the space between, what William Bridges calls the Neutral Zone) & as we face the vast choice points of a new beginning.

Constriction offers clues. Maybe we’re holding on to what was; maybe we’re naturally engaged in fear; fear of the unknown or fear of what happened in the past. Inherent in this body clue is a marker that we’re not present with the space of potential. What Eckhart Tolle calls The Power Of Now.

In many ways his beautiful teaching points us to how we relate to the space of the present moment.

It all starts with the present moment, and your relationship with the present moment. Friend or enemy? Are you allowing it, or are you fighting it, resisting it?

To create something different however, we must be willing to engage new pathways of relating to the space inside & outside of us. Traveling solo can only take us so far. Enter in the importance of traveling with another.

And not just any one. Other(s) who are committed to a re-imagined space of relating. A conscious cultivation of the “5C’s” I mentioned above.

Here at Choice Point Living, there are two avenues for you to begin.

One is a 1:1 journey with a coach;

The second is for those who’re ready to find their tribe.

Transitions evoke inquiries;

  • How well do I relate to space?
  • What is it I’ve filled my space with?
  • Is it time to clear my space?

In response to this beautiful dance above (Venus & Mercury conjunct in Scorpio), consider,

What makes for a meaningful conversation for you?

In the journey of transitions we must be willing to explore the unknown. And there is no better way to engage this, than with another!