Transition Tool: Embodied Investigation

What’s seeking to come out of hiding?

As I travel my own transition I’ve become aware of the many hidden layers that are seeking to come into the light. Life has been offering me many clues. And, my greatest teacher, Mother Nature continues to walk with me in all of her autumn glory!

The ever present bluejays residing in my back yard have been quite persistent. They’re a beautiful bird that symbolizes many things that feel relevant for this time.

I’ve been asking what message they have to share (as they sure do love to talk!). I’ve noticed myself sink deeper and deeper into a space of self-compassion with old stories, ripe with fear. Once tightly held threads of self-doubt, insecurity, a drive for certainty, all seeking to come un-done.

There are many wise and varied interpretations of the bluejay’s symbolism. What stands front and centre for me is their clever, curious and yes defensive, deeply loyal natures. Each day as I’ve welcomed them to share what they have for me to know, I can see (inside of my experience) a cleaver, curious and yes defensive, deeply loyal nature of my own historical story is NOW up for review. Up for investigation.

The Mysterious, Investigative Call of Scorpio

It’s not lost on me the seasonal transition of the planetary archetypes into the deep waters of Scorpio are alive in this “time” of astrology. The astrological symbols of our heart (Venus) & mind (Mercury) have been residing now in this zodiacal sign since early October.

Today, our astrological symbol of self & identity (Sun) joins them in this deep mysterious realm of intimacy. Often when we consider the conversation of intimacy, we presuppose other.

This post is an offering to us all (myself included!) to remember to investigate the intimacy we have with ourselves. Until this deeply happens, the cultivation of nourishing intimacy with another offers us but another pass of a familiar dance.

An invitation to experiment with embodied investigation as a critical tool for transitions.

Many practices that form the foundation of my work with others during times of transition support this deep dive. As a mentor of mine has recently shared, here I stand, taking my own medicine, yet again!

In the spirit of walking with others, my passion is to share what I am learning. To offer a place to access information and practices that can help.

Today’s blog continues this commitment.

May the following inquiries & resource be of support to you.


In honour of the bluejay, consider:

  • What are you cleverly hiding about your intimate experience of this transition?
  • How might the story of “needing to defend” be blocking the flow of your transition?
  • How loyal are you remaining to the story of who you were? What’s the impact of this?
  • What is your experience of living this transition?
  • What could your life look like, if you were to welcome greater intimacy with yourself?


Finally, I invite you to explore this beautiful talk by Tara Brach on the Wise Investigation-Dissolving The Trance

May it illuminate for you what seeks your attention as you travel your transition.

If we are suffering, it is because we are believing something that is not true and caught in emotional reactivity. A key tool in meditation is investigation – actively inquiring into what is happening inside us. When we investigate with sincere interest and care, the light of our attention untangles difficult emotions and nourishes intimate relationships. As this light turns toward awareness itself, it reveals the radiance and emptiness of our true nature