Transition Tool: The Power of Words

Today our planetary archetype of communication, Mercury, dances a creative song with the archetype of transformation, Pluto. Mercury is shining within Pluto’s home base, Scorpio. The deep waters of mystery and deeper meaning. Now, there are many layers to this combination and multiple threads that will animate for each of us uniquely given our astrological mandala (aka our natal chart).

For me this “sky reflection” has inspired a “think” about a powerful transition tool: the power of words.

Many years ago as I began studying Caroline Myss’s work & obtaining my Archetypal consulting certificate of Sacred Contracts, I was inspired to consider the power of words. After having spent many years training as a professional life coach and obtaining my certification as a CODE™ Model Coach , the power of working with words wasn’t new. Coaching is a powerful process to support us in many areas of life we’re seeking to grow and change with. As coaches, regardless of training origins, we share a keenly developed skill to work with reframing and bringing heart, curiosity, challenge and championing to our client relationships. We’re aware of the power of words and, like many skills & practices, there is a journey of mastery rich with layers and discoveries awaiting us as well!

Fast forward over a decade of coaching and in my own personal & professional journey’s of transitions, I am frequently reminded of the power of my own words and those of my clients in shaping experience.

Given today’s cosmic vibe of our thinking, perception and communication (Mercury) dancing within the deep mysterious waters of Scorpio creatively (Sextile) with the lord of the underworld, our powerful transformation potential (Pluto), I was inspired to offer this post.

May it inspire a re-think for you in how you relate, use and employ the power of words as you travel your transition.

Words As Symbols.

From an energetic perspective, words are symbols that carry immense information and frequency. And yet, how words shape our experience is deeply intimate. As we speak a word, sensory information gets activated in our nervous system. In our dances with one another (our ME & WE exchanges) we’d be well advised to checkout what words mean for one another more deeply.

Aside from that, today I wanted to offer some information for your consideration to apply as a tool in your own sojourn of transition.

The invitation is to consider your words. Listen to them and notice what presents in your body as you speak them. Do you feel expanded or constricted.

What if you chose to become a scientist with your words?

How are the words you use influencing you’re being, thinking, feeling & doing?

Words & Relationships.

As you engage with another, if you feel a response in your body as another speaks a word, be curious about what this may be meaning for you. Have a conversation about what this “word” means for them; share what it is “calling up” for you.


  • How are words shaping your ME & WE dances?

An entire universe exists in every word you say. 

We “give our word” to someone as a way of sealing a bond.

Breaking our “word” represents the shattering of a commitment and can devastate a relationship forever.

Caroline Myss

Experiment with Consciously Choosing to Say No to a Word.

Each word you use initiates an act of creation and is a thread holding together a part of the fabric of your life.

Take one word out of your vocabulary and all the creative power that that word contains evaporates from your life. 

Caroline Myss

As you travel your transition, consider what words no longer serve your vision of what’s next.

Experiment with letting go of one word that no longer serves you. Make a commitment to yourself to STOP using this word. See what happens.

For example, what would it feel like to stop using one of these words: can’t; don’t; blame; intense; stuck; entitlement; deserve. Maybe you’re not sure in this moment, what words embody a sense of dis-empowerment for you.

The key of this experiment is to start to bring attention to your words and the inner state they create.

To stimulate some thinking around this invitation, I want to leave you with some information & resources that will support you to step into this powerful tool of transition, the power of words.

Experiment with Committing to a New Word.

As you begin to notice which words you choose to stop using; also begin to bring awareness and choice to new words.

  • What is one word you choose to use more of?

Consider New Information

Give yourself the gift of time to listen to this conversation with Caroline on The Power Of Words, highlighting a workshop she’s recently offered.

Decide to Decide and Share

Journal & Share out loud with another:

  • What word are you choosing to STOP using?
  • What word are you choosing to use, Now?

Consider engaging another power tool of transition, Choice.

What if you were to choose to;

Stop traveling solo and suffering in silence,

and chose to: