What are you learning about love?

Venus moves into the deep, mysterious waters of Scorpio today. She’s returning, now direct. Last Fall she began her cycle here, in retrograde (going backwards). This time she’s moving on.

This Goddess’s transition has inspired today’s powerful question.

Venus in this fixed water sign is not always a comfortable experience for all. She is the Goddess of love & beauty, governing many of the desires and pleasures we each grapple with in life in our own unique way, here, she symbolizes a desire for intensity, loyalty and depth. She breathes the message of love through intimate bonds and connections. Loyalty themes can arise and honesty is called for in our ME & WE dances.

Themes of old may re-appear and yet hopefully with movement and clarity now being felt deeply.

Music & art offer a lovely doorway into this conversation.

Here is a new favourite band of mine, Rising Appalachia with a delicious song of request for patience called: Novels of Acquaintance. A theme for me that often shows up in this domain of my life.


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