What beauty is alive in my transition?

Transitions call up our innate response of survival. Not good, bad, right or wrong; rather an invitation to notice.

There are times when the threads of life un-ravel quickly. We’re in the river of change, unable to see either shore line (where we’ve been; where we’re actually going), and we panic. We buckle down and obsess on the details. The details in our domain we can control.

I know this well. Today’s powerful question emerged for me as I contemplated the intense response of hyper-focus & control as an invitation, rather than another detail to be managed.


Beauty is an avenue of holism to explore when the presence of over-analysis takes over. It’s an invitation to un-plug from the fear of the past repeating and the worry of the future not happening (as we’d like it to).

It’s a doorway into this moment. An inquiry that pre-supposes that there may be an inherent wisdom & intelligence at play in our transitions that we’ve not yet considered.

So today, join me in embracing this powerful question:

What beauty is alive in my transition?

May it shine a softer focus for you, as you contemplate your experience of transition. Possibly, the invitation to see the beauty alive, may open a portal to an entirely new perspective and choice.

Ready to travel with another?