What desires are awakening?

Transitions awaken serious business. They call up deep questions of exploration.

We’re pulled into a deep exploration of our values and an examination of how our actions align with our priorities.

I am not one who believes values are static in nature. Rather, as we evolve so do our values. Often our values are developed throughout our childhood, then as we grow through relationships, family, culture and yes, our professions.

Values can be adopted both consciously & subconsciously. At various points along our evolution we can come face to face with examining our values. During times of transition, often the main rudder for riding the waves are our values and ethics. But what if we’re not clear on what they are?

And, what are the deeper layers of values that will help us to navigate transitions, beyond merely surviving them?


  • What lives under my values?
  • What roots fuel my choices & pursuits in life?
  • What core needs are my values guiding me towards?

Influence of Desire

Desires often get a bad rap in many circles. And yet, we all have them. Sometimes we call them something else (e.g. wishes, hopes, dreams) and yet at the roots of our motivation lives our desires.

Yogic tradition offers a holistic view of the human experience of desire, called the four aims/desires of life. I’ve found this to be very helpful in supporting my open-ness and appreciation of my own desires.

According to the Vedas, your soul has four distinct desires; inherent aspects of your soul’s essence; your soul uses them for the purpose of fulfilling its unique purpose.

Learning to honour the four desires allows you to thrive at every level and leads you to a complete and balanced life.

Rod Stryker, The Four Desires

At some point during our journey of transitions, we must stop and ask,

What are my desires?

As women leaders in the healing & helping professions we’re often enculturated to believe that this is a selfish inquiry. Selfless-ness is a more prized & “acceptable” pursuit.

I want to offer an invitation to re-think this perspective.

Maybe you’re already in the space of re-considering & re-claiming the importance of tending to your own inner home, your soul; who like everyone else has wants, needs & desires.

Key Pathway to Thrive in Your Transition

One of the most important pathways of thriving in transition is to cultivate resiliency. This choice point sets up new ways of relating to ourselves, our life & yes our service.

It’s a sustainable approach with deeper meaning. An approach that fuels our journey, rather than depleting us through resistance.

Today’s powerful question is an invitation into a deeper exploration of energies that are coming alive. Energies seeking to be seen, heard, felt & acknowledged.

What desires are awakening for me?

Below I have offered resources & reflections. These are designed to deepen your view of the inherent intelligence and power of desires as a blueprint of life.

May these stir your soul & awaken some deeper insights as you travel your journey of transition.

And remember, your journey of transition is indeed yours and you do not need to travel alone.

Resources & Invitations For Reflection


I would encourage you to read Rod Stryker’s book: The Four Desires, Creating A Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity & Freedom.

FYI, I am not affiliated in any way with the recommendations I make. They are but sources of information that I feel may offer value to those who’re traveling through transitions. Personally, this book is a faithful friend and companion on my own journey.

Watch & Listen

To get a taste of this framework of the four aims/desires, check out this video where Rod speaks to this work.


Consider the following inquiries relative to where you stand in your transition today:

  • What does living a life of purpose look like for me?
  • What longing lives inside of me?
  • What does the conversation of fulfilling my destiny spark?
  • How do I place conditions on experiencing pleasure?
  • What does it mean to be free?

These questions are designed to be “lived with”. Take them for a walk. Journal about what comes up for you as you reflect.


Experiment with engaging Yoga Nidra. Here is a beautiful offering of Rod’s Yoga Nidra Practice.