What inspires your leadership?

We stand at a time in history where there is a grab for the narrative of leadership. As much as I hear the words of wanting to create something new, something different, the vibes of a one note expression of power still seems to rein over our social systems. We can learn the leadership skills and develop ourselves as individuals, and yet what fuels us, sparks us to step out and up still seems like a mystery.

I believe we’re all leaders of our life and we each in whatever place we find ourselves in, have an opportunity to show up. I also deeply sense (after having spent over a decade in studying, teaching and coaching leaders) that there is NO ONE BLUEPRINT that exists for Leadership today.

Having said that, there is definitely a call for it.

How will we each meet the call for leadership?

Inspiration is a force that can guide us when there is no blue print. Integrity ground us.

So today, as a nod to the Sun moving into Leaderful Leo, I was inspired to offer today’s powerful question.

What inspires my leadership today?

Work with the fiery, creative energy of the Leo Sun. Play, sing, draw, write, colour, dance with this question. See where it takes you.

Sometimes we reveal ourselves when we are least like ourselves.

Anais Nin