What shall we do Winged Ones?

I admire our winged one family as they travel & fly through this time. Each are messengers, like our planetary archetype messenger, called Mercury.

Have you ever stopped and listened, curious of what they speak?

I have. I love the changing of the winged ones guard each season. New sounds sing as new companions arrive & others take leave for warmer skies.

On this summer morning, I found myself attentive to the symphony of their caws and calls. As a result, this Saturday’s Morning Poem emerged.

May it inspire you to offer loving attention to this gypsy tribe of our soul family.

What shall we do winged ones? A Poem by: Cathy Saunders

Soar, dip, dive

Light glistens as you glide

A dance without care

Seems to be your flare

What do you see from high above?

That we on can not

I hear your sweet song bounce among the trees

As the dew of the morn is absorbed by the breeze

What are you speaking?

Of which we may need to be heeding

I dream of the vast landscapes you view

The wind cradling Mother Nature’s hue

Tell me dear ones

What shall we do?