Wholeness Remembered

With a vast amount of energies of doing & discerning alive in our skies, this poem emerged for me.

An invitation to serve as I am, right here, right now.

May it offer some support if you’re caught seeking to find and just plain tired of the spin!

Wholeness Remembered. A poem by: Cathy Saunders 

You seek, search and do not find

Lift up, place down

Contract, expand

Grip, release

What is this crazy making ride?

Why are you caught in such a tide?

The pursuit of what? one might ask

And yet this question is often left to last

The day of endings bring sorrow and light

But what have we learned? is, the only true flight

Maybe we’re simply caught in an illusionary inner fight

What if that which we seek

Sits here, in front of our wise shiny beak

Maybe, just maybe our path is not to do

Not to seek, search and get better of doing a few

Rather a call to bask in a one solid truth

That one is our name

And, we’re here to bask in her fruits!